Auto Insurance

Your needs are unique like you. The coverage options and the benefits of the auto policy obtained through DNF Insurance allow you to customize your insurance to meet your needs.


Why is it a good auto insurance important?

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The Auto Insurance not only protects your car, but also gives you financial support, something that will undoubtedly give you peace of mind, because in case of an accident, or the theft of your vehicle, you will not have to worry since your insurer will have to respond to any kind of mishap.

We offer many coverage options, from insurance for teenage drivers or protection insurance for rental cars, to insurance for sports cars, commercials and more. Get a free quote and learn about the insurance policies that are available.

Types of Auto Insurance

There are three levels of coverage you can choose:

  • Third: this is the minimum required by law, but it is not always the cheapest. It covers injuries to other people and damage to the property of others.
  • Third parties, fire and theft: it is the same as a third party, but it also covers the cost of repairs or a replacement vehicle if your car is stolen or damaged by a fire.
  • Full coverage: This is the highest level of coverage you can get. It protects against damage to your own car, as well as accidents involving other people. It can also include a courtesy car and legal expenses insurance; However, this may have an additional cost.