Travel Insurance

DNF Insurance includes the best vacation insurance companies in the industry to help you research, compare and buy an affordable plan. We help you to ensure that the coverage is personalized for you and your itinerary, so you will be protected against unexpected events such as flight cancellations, medical expenses and emergency evacuations.


What does travel insurance cover?

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From lost luggage to non-refundable hotel deposits, travel insurance covers for unforeseen events, including reimbursement if your plans are canceled. Coverage levels will vary by plan, but this is how you will generally be protected with a standard travel insurance plan:

Standard Coverages

Emergency evacuation and medical coverage

If you get sick or suffer an injury while traveling, emergency medical coverage can cover thousands of dollars in unexpected charges. Emergency medical evacuation coverage will provide transportation to the nearest appropriate hospital if necessary. Depending on your plan, you can be transported to the hospital of your choice.

Trip cancellation and interruption coverage

Travel cancellation insurance reimburses you up to 100% of the cost of your insured trip. It is also covered by the interruption of the trip under a comprehensive travel insurance plan, which means that you may be reimbursed for flight, cruise or hotel costs plus additional fees if your trip is shortened.

Luggage loss, delay or damage coverage

If you lose or damage your luggage during your trip, you will be covered by those belongings up to the limits of your plan. If your luggage is delayed up to a certain number of hours, you may be reimbursed for the necessary items.